Industrial Impact of Universal Viewer

Barter Mind’s Universal Viewer has been and can be a boon to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, Civil Engineering Infrastructure, Machinery, Heavy Equipment, Railway Transport Manufacturing, Automotive Manufacturing, and other industries.

  • Collaborative and iterative work with realistic up to date 3D hybrid digital mockup of an asset.
  • Store, protect, access, process, share and collaborate on hybrid 3D data worldwide.
  • Eliminate unexpected costs and delays and faster acceptance of subcontracted work.
  • Reduce time and effort in data transfer within unified and automated solution.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Streamline construction and facility management processes. Our software gives global competitive with performance potential developed from the usage of proprietary state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Zero time wasted on non-productive activities saving costs while streamlining workflows (data conversion between different CAE modules, handling many applications in parallel).
  • Consistent and versatile information on asset all the way through its lifecycle and smooth project information handover — from EPC to decommissioning.
  • Through early detection of deviations 3D inspection saves unplanned reconstructions due to the use of actual data.
  • Customization for adding specific functions, and integration of plant engineering software products with third-party solutions, administration and support.

Civil Engineering Infrastructure

Barter Mind’s Universal Viewer allows visualizing and processing of huge amounts of 3D data, from various sources in a single space with the ability to transmit, and process information. Maintenance burdens are alleviated due to timely detection of loopholes with a real-time look. Efficient collaboration on 3D models of buildings, transport multi-level junctions, etc. leads to better decision making. Integrated platforms and environments tailored for specific numerical simulations use all factors to create a real scenario ensuring smoother processes and safety. Eliminate time and money losses with versatile information on asset from EPC to decommissioning. Aggregate all enterprise 3D projects containing information in a single storage for stakeholders to view and measure point cloud and BIM, remove or replace objects and simulate different scenarios.
  • Pre- and post-processing for numerical simulation — use the opportunities of linking 3D CAD to CAE and enrich numerical analysis capabilities. Custom-developed pre-and post-processing solutions bring intuitive user interface, powerful visualization, meshing, data preparation, etc. Such solutions can integrate a CAD/CAE modeling tool, industrial meshing algorithms, and advanced 3D visualization functionalities.
  • Through early detection of deviations, 3D inspection saves unplanned reconstructions due to the use of actual data.

General-purpose Machinery

Barter Mind’s Universal Viewer can help heavy machinery manufacturers operate in a complex and demanding environment and cope with unique modern challenges. Enterprises can increase productivity and improve manufacturing processes.

  • End-to-end workflow for manufacturing simulation with reduced engineering costs and minimized risk of human errors.
  • 3D democratization and ease of use of simulation scenarios on gas turbines or industrial pumps CAD models.
  • Elevated accuracy during assembly or quality control stages due to intuitive contextual 3D representation. Streaming 3D and configuration data to the shop floor and minimization of manual work allows reduction of costs and efforts.
  • Cost saving on MRO reduced error rate during operations and time saving on interactions in downstream processes.
  • Reduce manual efforts to set up measurement and inspection scenarios, improve product quality with minimum interventions and allow embedding quality control into digital manufacturing.

Heavy Equipment

Barter Mind’s Universal Viewer provides end-to-end solutions that help shorten design cycles, speed up design verification, optimize assembly processes, simulate movements in virtual environments, etc.

  • Aggregation of heterogeneous data from PLM, MES, ERP allows performing various simulations such as maintenance operations, training etc., to maintain engineering accuracy.
  • Create an interactive catalogue or a configurator on a website where users can visualize machinery from various angles and customize it for specific needs.

Railway Transport Manufacturing

Barter Mind’s Universal Viewer develops customized intelligent CAD solutions to manage and process industrial 3D and auxiliary data efficiently. Driven by modern breakthrough technologies, the Universal Viewer acts as a catalyst in the smoother digital journey of railway companies.

Keep up to date and benefit from innovative technologies and trends in railway transport manufacturing:
  • Perform immersive training, quality control, maintenance, etc., operations.
  • The solutions aggregate heterogeneous data from PLM, MES, ERP, simulations, etc., around a hybrid 3D model and make it accessible to all stakeholders through the web browser. Get real insights on manufacturing assets performance and design accuracy.
  • Replace 2D drawings with intricate 3D datasets, easily share them among railway project collaborators on different levels, and make rapid CAD models design modifications and updates in case of workflow changes for better manufacturability.

Automotive Manufacturing

Barter Mind’s Universal Viewer helps automotive manufacturing enterprises to adopt innovative technologies, break organizational silos, and evenly perform digital transformation by integrating complex software solutions in customer’s environments and create state-of-the-art vehicles.

  • Pre- and post-processing solutions converging visualization and data processing and preparation functionalities for analysis and simulation of power density, energy efficiency, flexibility, vehicle dynamics, thermal-hydraulics management, non-linear deformations, etc.
  • Intelligent aggregation and conversion of the manufacturing simulation data and auxiliary data received from equipment suppliers enables kinematic simulation for the automotive industry.
  • Create detailed, step-by-step work instructions (WI) using the actual 3D model and information about product configurations. A data-driven approach is achieved by close integration with the PLM system.
  • Boost product’s attractiveness by adding interactivity with its 3D visualization for online use.