BarterMinds brings deep industry knowledge to the design and implementation of relevant software-as-a-service solutions, helping organizations thrive amid disruption in various sectors. Our industry solutions will drive operational improvements, enhance business strategy, negotiate market challenges, and revitalize customer experience. Our specialists will guide you through the selection, planning, deployment and operation of a range of solutions.



Get a custom software solution tailored to your business challenges. Whether you are rebuilding your product using the latest technologies, scaling your start-up, or building an internal tool to digitize your corporate processes, we have got your back. We specialize in go-to-market, growth strategy, technology advisory, and innovative roadmaps.



You got the idea; we got the tech. As Microsoft Gold Partner and Kentico Silver Partner, we have been the forefront in developing the right solutions for various businesses across diverse industries with the help of our certified AWS and Kentico 12 developers. We offer extensive industry and process knowledge that helps enterprises modernize their businesses using the latest technology solutions.



It is not an easy task when it comes to hiring or recruiting the right candidate, whose passion and vision matches your industry requirement. We are one of the growing offshore Recruitment process outsourcing company helping companies to embrace the change and find new ways to stay competitive.

Cash Investment

Have innovative ideas in mind, and want support to implement it? We have got your back. With the help of our certified AWS and Kentico 12 developers, we help you in turning your ideas into reality.

Equity partnerships

As your tech investment partner, we ensure the right tech solution for your business. At Rigel Networks, we invest our tech services and take part in reaching different geographies that create the real value to your customer, enabling us to support your business in creating better revenue and higher growth for your start-up. Connecting with both through a partnership allows us to jointly innovate and create value for the start-ups and their ecosystem.

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