Universal Viewer

Barter Minds has set itself on a journey based on the conveyance of technology to deliver high-performance and scalable solutions to diverse industries. Being a name that offers advances digital solutions, we have made the most judicious use of 2D- 3D technology. In the evolving market where the center is gripped by technology, the power and potential of the same cannot be ignored. This is why we accelerate the transformation of companies with end-to-end 2D-3D solutions. Our product – Universal Viewer, helps Engineering and Manufacturing industries to view and collaborate 2D-3D files, including advanced engineering files and back-office support files with the supply chain in an easy, quick and efficient way.

In Engineering & Manufacturing Industries, viewing & sharing 2D & 3D files with different departments and partners, clients and suppliers is essential.  Buying an individual software license for each file type of the group requires a high budget. Even for third parties viewing in the specific application becomes complicated with nontechnical or incompatible issues. In the special case, engineers need to send these varied files multiple times a day, becoming more and more stressful. To solve this pain point, Barter Minds has introduced the revolutionary product Universal Viewer.

Key Differentiation 

Key Differentiation

  • 2D-3D Technologies – The technology which allows you to view any file without requiring any special or expensive license with inter-department sharing.
  • Expertise – We bring you the years of experience which each team members possess to assure flawless results.
  • Product Line – We combine all the features and functionalities in one software to leverage comprehensive solutions for engineering & manufacturing industries.
  • SaaS based Solution – Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from complex software and hardware management.
  • Integration – We bring together various types of software sub-systems to offer a single unified system.
  • Customization – We can design, create, deploy and maintain the product for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations as per the needs.

Industries that use the product

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  • Civil Engineering Infrastructure
  • Machinery
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Railway Transport Manufacturing
  • Automotive Manufacturing

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Value Proposition

  • Barter Minds is committed to the digital evolution of industries through the use of Universal Viewer.
  • Industrial operation – Enabling information exchange between organization and customers.
  • Technological process – Advance your visualization.
  • We promise on delivering value, and elevated experienced.

Our Product

Whether you want to scale up your start-up or empower your established operations – Bartner Minds can be your fuelling partner by offering intelligent IT products. With Universal Viewer, we have brought the much-needed boast to Engineering & Manufacturing industry. Now view and collaborate 2D-3D files, including advanced engineering files and back-office support files, with the supply chain in a super cost-effective manner.


  • Drive process effectively
  • No extra plugin required
  • Private sharing
  • Easy viewing
  • High-Quality printing
  • Increased efficiency
  • Multiples files under the same viewer
  • Reduced management of multiple software for each user
  • Reduced licenses costs of expensive CAD System.
  • Collaboration and interaction among different departments become smoother.